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SportX Launches - a crypto sports betting exchange with all bets placed in DAI

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Launched SportX! The world's best crypto sports betting exchange. SportX is a safe and simple way for users to get into cryptocurrencies and act as their own oddsmaker with no middleman and no limits. Would love any feedback or advice :)

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[Article] What is a crypto sports betting exchange and how to use it with DAI (stablecoin running on Ethereum)

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Hey Reddit, I made a place for people to sports bet peer-to-peer. SportX is a crypto sports betting exchange and the goal is to make betting a truly free market. Not controlled by an oligopoly of bookmakers in the UK and Vegas.

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[Article] What is a crypto sports betting exchange and how to use it with DAI (stablecoin running on Ethereum)

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KuCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange Review for Crypto Sports Betting

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Crypto betting app ZenSports integrates own native token exchange. Users can now buy, sell, and trade SPORTS without having to go to a 3rd-party exchange. . Simple fee structure. Limit Orders (Makers) pay a trading fee of 0.1% and Market Orders (Takers) pay a trading fee of 0.2%.

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SportX is a sports betting exchange where users bet on over 17 sports markets. Now they're launching V1: The future of crypto sports betting

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SportX v1 launch: Hey Reddit, we launched a decentralized sports betting exchange on Ethereum today! We believe industries like sports betting are key to driving mainstream adoption for crypto.

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Block Sports building decentralized betting exchange on NEO blo... #blockchain #ethereum #crypto General… https://t.co/Tluau6IXoJ - Crypto Insider Info - Whales's

Posted at: August 7, 2018 at 07:48AM
Block Sports building decentralized betting exchange on NEO blo... #blockchain #ethereum #crypto General… https://t.co/Tluau6IXoJ
Automate your Trading via Crypto Bot : https://ift.tt/2EU8PEX
Join Telegram Channel for FREE Crypto Bot: Crypto Signal
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Buy Bitcoin not Gold- Mike Novogratz

Michael Novogratz is a veteran Wall Street fund manager and cryptocurrency maven who readily acknowledges when he earns a “black eye,” while Dave Portnoy is the brash founder of a media empire who only recently began touting stocks and has disparaged Warren Buffett.
Their backgrounds and personalities may be vastly different, but both are now offering the same investment recommendation: Bitcoin is a better long-term bet than gold.
In an appearance on Bloomberg Television, Novogratz — founder of Galaxy Digital Holdings Ltd. — said that although he sees gold climbing above its record highs, Bitcoin is still the more worthy investment because it’s “harder to buy” than the traditional haven. He said about 25% of his net worth is tied up in the cryptocurrency.
“It’s only got a $20 billion market cap, while gold is over $10 trillion,” Novogratz said of Bitcoin. “So it’s got a long way to go to catch gold in terms of just adoption.” Still, he doesn’t recommend beginners put in more than 1-2% of their money into the digital currency.
Novogratz said Bitcoin had “crossed the Rubicon” on the question of whether it’s a good store of value. Now, more institutions and banks are considering how to get into the cryptocurrency, compared with a few years earlier when they viewed it more skeptically, he said.
Barstool Sports founder Portnoy, meanwhile, was sold on the cryptocurrency after being pitched by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. In a video posted on Portnoy’s Twitter feed, the twin brothers — who founded crypto exchange Gemini Trust — say Bitcoin has the potential to replace gold as a store of value. Their reasoning? They claim that Elon Musk has plans to mine gold from asteroids.

In a tweet after his interview with the Winklevoss twins, Portnoy suggested he has bought $1 million worth of Bitcoin.
Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency, has been on a roller coaster in 2020. After sliding below $4,000, it’s zoomed up and is around $11,800. It’s seen further acceptance in the mainstream investment community, experienced a “halving” where the rate of Bitcoin created dropped by 50% as of May, and seen correlations with gold rise to records.
In the case of bullion, prices have been on a tear this year as central banks worldwide took steps to shore up ailing economies in the wake of the coronavirus crisis and investors sought a haven from the turmoil. The precious metal is up 28% this year to about $1,945, with Credit Suisse Group raising its bullion forecast for next year to $2,500 due to a “perfect storm” of factors.
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Bnb the future or just an illusion?

Breaking:- According to present data Binance Coin (BNB) and potentially its market environment has been in bearish cycle last 12 months (if exists). Our AI cryptocurrency analyst implies that there will be a negative trend in the future and the coin,BNB, is not a good investment for making money. Since this virtual currency has a negative outlook we recommend looking for other projects instead to build a portfolio. Trading in bear markets is always harder so you might want to avoid this currency if you are not a veteran. Moreover, it is widely know that Binance coin, in its self is not free from the volatiles of the crypto market and the exchange itself has often been hacked with potentially MILLIONS OF $ being stolen. It is also widely known that with the introduction of Binance USD (BUSD), the exchange is using its power to drive USDT'S influence downwards by limiting the margin available on Binance's Tether pairs and increasing it on BUSD pairs, a controversial move. Lastly, the exchange is under fire for not letting usersput stop losses and sell targets simultaneously which puts the assets of Binance users particularly at risk. In other words, LINK has been surging especially in the current bullish trend with the coin bypassing its all time high and showing no signs of going down, despite constant sell pressure. Rumor has it that binance itself is in on the coin and is using the profits from LINK to distribute dividends in the form of sxp (swipe). LINK's recent success have been further fueled by the addition of the world's first decentralized casino,EarnBet adding LINK to the currencies users can wager with. The casino will also incorporate ChainLINKs state of the art technology in its sports betting and algorithms
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WINk AMA Aug 27, 2020

WINk AMA Aug 27, 2020
Last week, we officially announced that we are partnering with the decentralized gaming platform WINk to bring a fresh new crypto experience for our customers! We’re very glad to have WINk’s CEO- Lucia Wong here for today’s AMA. Let’s dive deeper into the integration of Poloniex and WINk, and find out your exclusive benefits on WINk with your Poloniex account! Welcome, Lucia!
1. Some users may not be familiar with WINk, can you give them a brief introduction first?
WINk, the King of Staking, aims to build on its market position as the ​leading blockchain gaming platform​ through the consistent introduction of high-quality decentralized applications (DApps). The Player always WINs at WINk.
How so?
Well, WINk has revolutionized the relationship with its customers and through its revenue-sharing model has turned players from cash cows into cash partners, if you will. By playing on WINk, you will become one of the "shareholders" in this World Leading blockchain gaming platform.
2. Interesting! Could you share with us WINk's profit-sharing business model?
Of course! For those new to blockchain, the decentralized revenue sharing model can appear confusing but it has the potential to transform not only online gaming but potentially all industries.
The easiest way to explain it is to consider a traditional site such as Betfair which has separate loyalty schemes for each of its platforms. You earn points based on how much you spend which either earns you discounts on commission or cashback. Where WINk differs is that playing on each section of the site earns you tokens which in turn earn you a daily share of the platform's future revenue. Every day, without fail, forever.
And how can users benefit from it?
The more you play the more tokens you earn. Even a losing session on WINk results in the player walking away owning a small part of the platform. Nobody likes losing, but with this model, even after a loss, there’s the comfort that you’ll start to earn this back the very next day. WINk shares a whopping 65% of its daily revenue with its token holders. This is a phenomenal percentage compared to the negligible amount that most online casinos spend on bonuses and cashback with the ultimate aim of taking it back again from the player.
Every day at the same time the daily profits are shared with the token holders and arrive in their wallet. Players receive daily dividends in three separate currencies; TRX, BTT, and, USDT and can then choose to spend, invest, or gamble their daily earnings however they see fit. For many WINk players and token holders, the first thing they’ll do after waking up is to check their daily dividend. Players effectively become the house owning their own slice of an online casino.
Until recently this wouldn't have even been possible. The costs of managing such a scheme would have been so prohibitive both cost-wise and from an administrative point of view that it would have been impossible to implement. Through the invention of the blockchain and smart contracts, this can now happen automatically at negligible cost.
3. Can you tell us more about the drops and earnings?
So, WINk has four tokens. WIN the main flagship token and the three sub tokens; DICE, Live, and Rake.
WINk is made up of three separate DApps. Dice, consisting of on-chain games of chance. Permissionless and provably fair that anyone with a Tron wallet can play. Live, the casino section with slots, table games, and sports betting that requires some registration to play, and Rake the online poker platform.
Each section has its own token which you mine through play and each section has its own drop pool so you can see in full transparency how much the DApp has made so far that day. At a set time every day, the pool pays out to token holders with the lion's share going to the sub token holders and a percentage feeding into the overall WIN Pool.
WINk’s flagship token WIN cannot be mined, it can only be purchased on exchanges. It was the first gaming IEO to launch on the notoriously selective Binance Launchpad.
From July of 2019 to now, WINk distributed about 3.78 billion TRX in drops to the WIN/DICE/LIVE/RAKE holders in total, here is the specific data:
Total Drops $TRX
WIN 1,018,171,534.76
DICE 1,219,829,152.61
LIVE 1,392,691,389.00
RAKE 148,711,109.00
At a mining cost of 3 TRX per DICE, the APR based on the 4 worst performing months for Dicedrops is 49% in the last 12 months. The APR is 24% for Livedrops in the last 15 months based on the 4 worst performing months at a mining cost of 3 TRX per Live.
The Dice token has a total supply of 1,000,000,000 and it’s current circulating supply is 395 million. The total supply will never be increased and supply is only released into circulation through wagering. DICE holders share 51% of the Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) of all games under the Dice section.
The maximum supply of the LIVE Token is capped at 999,999,999. The current circulating supply of LIVE is 334 million. LIVE holders share 49.47% of the GGR of all games under the Live section.
The DICE token is already listed on PoloniDEX, with a price between 1.5-2.3 TRX. The LIVE token has been listed on exchanges too. With the Poloniex wallet integrated on WINk, more cryptocurrencies will be used for wagering and we expect this to attract more players to the platform. We can, therefore, expect a greater ROI for WIN, DICE, and LIVE tokens.
There are also tools available to track drops such as https://antescan.live and https://winkscan.live
Here are additional resources to help you make sense of the APR of $WIN and $DICE token at various prices and amounts frozen. In the past 12 months, the daily average Dicedrop and Windrop pools have been around 1,000,000 TRX or better.
4. Poloniex and WINk recently launched a new integration feature. Could you share with us what are some 'Poloniex exclusive' benefits?
Of course! So with this amazing integration, Poloniex users are now able to log directly into http://tron.wink.org/ with their Poloniex Wallet and play with any of the over 100 digital assets listed on Poloniex. In return, you will be able to exchange your winnings on Poloniex. As the exchange lists new assets, you will be able to use them to play on WINk’s platform.
WINk will have exclusive benefits for Poloniex users to experience. There will be many events hosted by WINk and we happily invite Poloniex users to participate!
Exclusive Benefit 1 for Poloniex Users:
  1. Login http://tron.wink.org/ with your Poloniex account.
  2. Games: all games under Live Section
  3. Live tokens will be distributed to your account directly.
  4. Live tokens already listed and can be traded on PoloniDEX
Exclusive Benefit 2 for Poloniex Users:
● An amazing Tesla event will be ready next week with daily great prizes.
● More details will be announced on WINk’s Twitter https://twitter.com/WINkorg
● Stay Tuned!
5. That sounds great. Could you tell us a bit more about WINk's games?
WINk plans to be uniquely positioned in the online gaming industry. Sports betting, casinos, and poker account for over 80% of the market share of online entertainment. WINk is developing products in all these markets and more.
We have popular games related to sports, cards, games modeled on game shows, and more!
We also have an e-gaming section:
This is the fully decentralized section of WINk games. Players can choose between Dice, Moon, Ring, and Mine games. Being fully decentralized means users have custody of their tokens and winnings are paid into their wallets instantaneously. WINk pays the energy fees for players since all gameplay uses smart contract transactions.
Check out https://tron.wink.org/ for check out on all available games!
6. Exciting! So can you introduce WINk’s Social System for games and VIP service?
Yes, we understand the importance of social components in gaming, we have an account creation system, onsite player chat function, player rankings, incentivized leaderboards, and more. Our goal is to foster a sense of community where users can come together to share ideas about gaming, crypto, or whatever else they wish to discuss. We will begin introducing further upgrades to develop platform growth, such as exclusive privileges based on player levels — including but not limited to, a point system in which points can be exchanged for various prizes such as increased mining bonuses and free bets.
We also have a VIP chat room based on the player rankings and the token amount held.
We have dedicated support in the group to channel their feedback, suggestions, and address problems. We will discuss with the VIP users on project decisions and inform them of key information ahead of time. They will also be invited to test new games early.
7. Those are some great features. Can you explain the advantages of the WINk platform?
OK, in contrast with more centralized gaming platforms, the TRON-based platform WINk ​provides a unique user experience​:
(1) Auditable smart contracts: as the back-end of the games are deployed in a publicly viewable smart contract, ​smart contracts can be audited​. This provides much greater transparency than traditional online casinos.
(2) Self-custody:​ most games allow users to maintain complete custody of their funds.
(3) Token rewards:​ users will receive cryptographic tokens and other rewards for playing.
The “mine” model on WINk will also allow more users to participate in the WINK project, purely by choosing WINk for their gameplay. Due to this model, the benefits of the WINK platform are shared with everyone. Whether your tokens are WIN tokens that are purchased on an exchange or DICE LIVE and RAKE tokens obtained by playing.
8. What benefits will this partnership bring for WINk and Poloniex?
The integration will make WINk the first-ever blockchain-based entertainment platform to support over 100 digital assets, and direct millions of potential players to WINk, fast-tracking its already impressive growth.
Poloniex is one of the oldest digital asset exchanges and is widely popular with users for its technical strength and security. The partnership with WINk is an exciting move for the time-honored exchange to expand its strategic landscape. Fully leveraging the dual nature of digital assets, namely for transaction and usage, Poloniex also reaches out to the DApp field. Thus, Poloniex users will be able to enjoy the blockchain-based entertainment provided by WINk, along with a cutting edge trading experience.
That’s all for today’s AMA, thank you very much, Lucia, we look forward to collaborating with WINk and bring more benefits and rewards for our Poloniex users!
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$ACED, a VERY detailed review.

Conducted by ANON A review on what to expect from this up and coming project
Can be found on coingecko.
Within this post/document it will cover what $ACED & AceD as a whole is, what to expect, and questions you guys have asked alongside information on the current online gambling statistics for the world, especially sports betting.
> The reason I have gone to this effort is because I have never seen such a low MC project have so much potential, this is unironically a gem. I truly hope you all see the value in this. LONG READ.
What is $ACED and Acedbet.io?
> 500k MC at this current time of posting
> Ethereum-based Token Tokenomics, Symbol: $ACED, Decimals: 18, Type: ERC-20 Token, Total Supply: 200 Million AceD, Circulating supply: 190 Million AceD
> This IS A FULLY WORKING RPODUCT. They advertise: Multi Crypto, Sports & Esports, Fair Odds, and Full Anonymity for all betters.
> AceD bases its fundamentals in providing an alternative to existing centralized systems through the blockchain. Other than most cryptocurrencies that just provide anonymity, AceD plans on developing a privacy-orientated platform where the possibilities are endless. AceD’s mission is to provide online world class entertainment options while providing a secure and private platform.
> Multi Crypto Sportsbook, AceDBets, is a newly launched sportsbook that aims to provide a superior user experience. Custom-designed from the ground up, AceDBets combines a smooth, streamlined interface with social features that enable interactions with fellow cappers.
> “Our goal is to develop an appealing product that betters can enjoy, fair betting experience with 0 downtime. Place a bet from anywhere in the world, totally anon compatible on any device. Demand will increase with improvements. Poker will also be a major driver.”
What the original AceD and the recent move to being a ERC-20 Token? why it happened:
> “AceD started out in June 2018 as a POS/Masternode coin. We decided to swap to ethereum chain in June 2020. Some bad characters were exploiting the chain stealing masternode rewards and selling them on exchange. Updates were too costly with centralized exchanges so the move to ethereum chain was the direction we agreed on. So basically, the main reason why we moved to Ethereum chain is to focus on product development and not worry about blockchain issues. We have Vitalik looking after our chain, no need to develop a blockchain ourselves.”
Did any tokens get lost?
> I asked about this and they said the 200million listed on etherscan is the full amount. Investors initially assumed that tokens were lost originally with the swap, but that is not the case.
The major thing a lot of you guys wanted to know about were the Team, Whitepapers and Roadmaps:
> “Expect team info to be available within the new couple days. Whitepaper draft has already started alongside roadmap, expect publishment within 2 weeks or so.”
> “We also plan to hire more staffing to fill the downtime as our userbase is increasing rapidly need to adapt with demand Over 1200 users signed up total. The total amount of team members we have is 10 (6 developers).”
I asked about bingo not working after being advertised as working, got a nice response, good to see priorities being taken care of:
> “Bingo has been taken offline temporarily; we’ll revisit the product as it requires some attention. AceDbets.io/sports betting is our primary focus right now.”
Considering live sports betting is the only thing running at the moment, what is the current daily, weekly, total wagered through you guys, how do the tokens get redistributed?
> “We shared a chart showing steady growth in bets over the past 3 months. Betting volume is out the roof this month, NBA resumes next week expecting even bigger volumes to roll in with major sports resuming. July numbers will be shared in 3-4 days. Currently there is no dividends model for users, the bankroll profits help fund development and future marketing goals.”
I find that last part interesting, could potentially be implemented as a system to reward staking if it were introduced. Hmm.

ACED and their future. What they plan on doing with Acedbet.io and their product as a whole.
What is there to look forward to in the next upcoming update, Any set time release? (This is in relation to the website and the extra features they plan to add to their sports betting. I have seen a lot of people comment on it.)
> “No firm date for the update, however we’re in the final stages of testing. It is a massive update for our platform need to ensure everything is down right and functional before we make the transition. Always room for improvement, the new update has many changes which will improve the user experience. We will continue to make changes, always listening to feedback and suggestions from our community.”
> “Support desk is being introduced along with update, where users will have access to knowledge tools, how to use acedbets, understanding betting odds, rules for events and quick support with ticketing system.”
> “in the near future we plan to introduce betting and bankroll management tracking tools. to help a better understand their track record.”
> “Updates will be provided in stages, we find that a more effective approach instead of blasting one big update every few months.”
This update is essential for the QOL of this product, the team seems to be absolutely working their arses off.
Ok, onto the future updates then:
> Focus is on acedbets.io right now. There are not many bugs left, one major one with All IN freeze up issue and then a bunch of minor visual bugs that need to be ironed out. This will be revealed in our roadmap, we hope to have the product live in Q42020. It’s 80% complete with a few user facing bugs that will be addressed when we resume development in August.”
> “After poker, we will be adding more games to the platform such as Keno, Bingo, Roulette, Blackjack. Considering adding live dealers as well.”
> “Staking on platform will be introduced eventually not sure of the timeline for this. We would have a community vote on how to fund the staking model, a certain amount of coins could be minted for example to support long tem staking.”
I personally find this part to be interesting, if they manage to pull off a staking + betting crypto site, where potentially dividends could be paid off to stakers, etc. it would be crazy, never seen anything like this.
> “Waiting for IDEX to reply, we have followed up and our listing request is now with their manager for review. We are actively seeking new exchanges and will find a better alternative to graviex very soon. IDEX application submitted, being reviewed by their listing manager.”
> “We will be ramping up marketing after our acedbets.io update. Social media, influencers, AMA’s podcasts, some fun contests, publishing articles on major crypto sites, telegram and discord server promotions, partnerships.”
> We will be appointing 2 team members to handle our social media profiles. This includes our medium account. All information will be available on acedcoin.com and medium.
I am unsure of anymore future updates as they have said they do not want to make too many promises. I believe with the roadmap release we will be able to get a grand idea of the project. PLEASE DO NOT BE AFRAID TO JOIN THE DISCORD AND SUGGEST IDEAS, THEY LOVE ALL INPUT AND TAKE IT SERIOUSLY.

Why bother investing in this?
> How about you guys have a look at the online gambling market predictions for the next 10 years…
> “The global online gambling market size was valued at USD 53.7 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.5% from 2020 to 2027. The high internet penetration and increasing use of mobile phones among individuals for playing online games from their homes and public places are driving the market.
In addition, factors such as easy access to online gambling, legalization and cultural approval, corporate sponsorships, and celebrity endorsements are also contributing to market growth. The growing availability of cost-effective mobile applications across the globe is further expected to fuel market growth.”
IT THEN GOES ON TO SAY THIS: > “ The growing number of sports followers across the globe has fuelled the demand for sports betting. The majority of bets are placed on boxing, baseball, football, and hockey sports, which is, in turn, driving the market.
Increasing the development of new technologies such as virtual reality and blockchain is also driving the growth of the industry. This may be attributed to the fact that several companies are now integrating the blockchain technology into their online gambling business. This helps them ensure transparency in gambling activities and offer enhanced user experience. In addition, blockchain-based gambling platforms are completely decentralized and are free of third-party influence.”
They LITERALLY KNOW AND INCLUDE BLOCKCHAIN in their report. THEY KNOW IT WILL BE A BIG INFLUENCE IN YEARS TO COME. Even with COVID-19, AceD covers every sport you could think of that would be running right now, it even has E-Sports. This market prediction, alongside the ACED betting website WITH FULL ANONYMITY… This is going to blow. Once more betting options are released too, especially live poker. Man, you guys better be ready, do not complain about not getting in. I have laid this all out for you, now the choice is yours.
The closest thing that even compares to $ACED is 25mc, and then the next is 40mc. Neither have Anonymous gambling. Once $ACED gains more features, they will be far ahead of these other platforms.

What are you current biggest draw backs? what is stopping you guys from really excelling and achieving these visions faster?
> “Funding, our goal is to build a self-sustainable model with acedbets.io and we are well on our way to achieving this. We would also like to introduce more entertainment options such as live streaming with tip functionality. With our growing userbase I think we can attract a lot of streamers to use our platform to share their content. In order to achieve these, we can have community votes on coins being minted and offered as OTC crowd sale.”
Legal troubles, could this happen with the anonymous betting? Once you guys do pop off and blow up, will this bite you? I don’t personally see a reason for it to but please explain if there would be.
> “Currently, we don’t offer betting in fiat currencies, our platform is strictly crypto therefore a gaming license is not required to operate in this space. However, if need be we are prepared to comply with any changes and a gaming license would be obtained if required.”
If the site does get hacked or anything happens, how safe are everyone’s funds? Sorry if this is rather random it’s just good to know.
> “All funds deposited into acedbets.io are moved over to cold storage. We only keep a small threshold to payout daily withdrawals which is replenished on a daily basis.”
Wtf went on with DGN? saw a lot of fud > “I was in touch with Bubba-Degen (founder of DGN) , announcement was made on their discord. The FUD started due to couple members requesting a refund and were unhappy with the announcement of launch date being extended to upcoming Friday. The 2 guys went ahead and started spamming telegram groups with false information and accusing DGN as scammers. The DGN token will be listed on acedbets.io this weekend and the project will be live be going live on Uniswap on Friday. “
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Verasity (VRA)

Verasity is a rewards based platform for gaming and video entertainment. Their SDK can be integrated into the most used online video players, such as Twitch and Vimeo, and video gaming content is monetized with their Ad Stack. Also, their coming platform will enable users to create their own eSports tournament, with custom Jackpots, as well as combining gaming, crypto and betting.They already have some live products, namely, their GameStore ( http://games.verasity.tv/) and a dedicated browser wallet (https://verawallet.tv/); however, their larger product to date will probably be their eSports platform, which will launch this week in anticipation for their first tournament, which will be a CS:GO (Counterstrike - a best-selling Steam game) tournament starting next monday and featuring several pro players, including xccurate (one of the best CS:GO players in Asia, 9k followers on Twitter - announcement here: https://twitter.com/xccurateCSGO/status/1272831382499274753) and NBK (mighty European pro player, regularly ranked in the top10 in recent years, with 280k followers on Twitter - announcement here https://twitter.com/NBK/status/1275005750801240068). More players are joining every day, leading to the tournament start on Monday.Yesterday they also launched their fiat on-ramp, allowing users to buy VRA with their credit card (announcement: https://twitter.com/verasitytech/status/1275450829294600192). Their fiat on-ramp buys tokens from some exchanges (those with highest liquidity), and token will be demanded by gamers to bet on their players during the tournament next week.
VRA is lsted on Kucoin, Bitmax, Binance DEX, Bittrex. There are some ongoing rumors of a new listing coming very soon. Current marketcap is $3.4m; considering that top100 threshold is $61m at the moment and top200 is currently at $16m, if the tournament gains good traction and pro players manage to attract good viewership, volume and adoption for the token, a conservative target might thus be a 5x from here, while a bolder target might be put at 15x.
As always, DYOR, and good luck everyone.
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Weekly Wrap: This Week In Chainlink August 17 - August 23

Weekly Wrap: This Week In Chainlink August 17 - August 23
Smart Contract Summit - August 28-29
SmartCon will feature the top minds and builders of smart contracts and celebrate our incredible community, thriving ecosystem & cutting-edge research. Experience a mix of keynotes, panel discussions, live demos, developer workshops, and networking with the community. We made registration complimentary so everyone can participate.
New Speakers announced this week include:

Announcements and Integrations 🎉

ArbolMarket is using Chainlink for validated weather data, making it the first decentralized weather insurance product live on the Ethereum mainnet. Farmers can now protect themselves from negative weather events using universally connected smart contracts.

Blockchain platform Nervos Network is integrating Chainlink oracles to power universally connected smart contracts. Chainlink greatly expands the amount of data Nervos developers can use when building dApps while not compromising on security & reliability.

Centralized trading platform RealHxro integrates Chainlink Price Reference Data live on mainnet to begin decentralizing pricing and settlement of its BTC and ETH indices. This provides Hxro users with unparalleled transparency, fairness, and reliability.

Gaming platform EarnBetCasino is integrating Chainlink to access off-chain data to power its sports games & prediction markets. EarnBet also is looking to incorporate Chainlink VRF within games as an on-chain source of provably fair & unbiased RNG.

Multi-blockchain platform GeeqOfficial is integrating Chainlink to access off-chain data resources. Chainlink gives Geeq developers access to any API, secure nodes for oracle services, a proven in-production DeFi solution for price data, and much more.

Chain_Guardians will use Chainlink VRF to power a new color customization feature for the upcoming Chainlink Guardians. Players will mint NFTs tied to different colors, which can then be merged with Chainlink Guardians to personalize the game experience.

We’re excited to award a grant to SecureDataLinks from the Chainlink Community Grant Program, supporting them in improving https://reputation.link, giving smart contract developers a fully-featured Chainlink oracle network explorer.

Featured Videos & Educational Pieces 🎥

Live video Q&A with Stephen Tse the Founder and CEO of Harmony. The discussion is centered on decentralized oracles meeting the needs of Harmony, their product roadmap, and their unique approach to blockchain and DeFi.
In our second DeFi series article, we examine how permissionless composability enables rapid innovation within DeFi. The result is the formation of a parallel financial ecosystem of features like DEX aggregators, flash loans, no-loss savings games & more.
Thank you to the Aave team for contributing! “One of the biggest value propositions of DeFi is the interoperability by default. This means that anyone can build a product by combining two protocols, such as Aave & Synthetix, & provide a new user experience.” said Aave Founder & CEO, Stani Kulechov.
Chainlink's External Adapter architecture gives blockchain developers a flexible framework to unlock any data resource to power their dApps. We explore how you can connect your smart contract to any off-chain API today on mainnet, using Chainlink.

Ecosystem & Community Celebrations 👏

Upcoming Events 📅

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How to trade Bitcoin Future

How to trade Bitcoin Future


Bitcoin is troublesome to use.
But bitcoin’s isue may build it additional valuable.
So, what’ reality regarding bitcoin’s future?
Bitcoin mining may be a senseless waste of energy.
As bitcoin hits mainstream media, the subject of bitcoin mining
bubble regarding to pop.For ten years, the media has enjoyed painting bitcoin as a bubble concerning to pop. They’ve gleefully pronounced the bubble popped and bitcoin dead … over 350 times. However the reality regarding bitcoin is that it keeps coming back back. Why?

Charlie Munger called bitcoin “worthless artificial gold.” Others in the media have likened bitcoin to a bubble, a “tulip mania,” and different strong statements
Each time bitcoin improves itself (like with Segwit
Segregated Witnesses. A protocol implemented by Bitcoin to extend transaction speed. SegWit allows a lot of transactions to be written into a single block on a blockchain.

or the Lightning Network), or will increase in value, the media is keen and ready to jump on it, decrying and denouncing it.
Therefore what’s the reality behind bitcoin’s price -- is it extremely a bubble?
The reality regarding bitcoin is straightforward; it's experiencing the same rise and fall cycles as each new technology and asset catego
The web also experienced a bubble. Shares of dotcom firms rose by a thousandpercent on a daily basis. Then it all tumbled down. However we have a tendency to’re still using the web, aren’t we have a tendency to? More than ever, in fact.

Stocks conjointly experienced big boom and bust cycles, especially in their early days.

We might feel like stocks have been around forever -- and to us they need. However stocks conjointly had a starting, and a rough one too. Once upon a time in 1531, when the first stocks were invented, they saw extraordinary volatility, scams, and no regulation. In fact, before stock exchanges, they were sold at occasional shops -- just like cryptocurrencies were sold on la peer to peer

marketplace, before exchanges came online.
Even property, viewed by the majority as “the safest investment” experienced a dramatic cycle. Business Insider reported that “Between 2006 and 2014, nearly ten million homeowners in America saw the foreclosure sale of their own homes.” And tens of thousands became homeless as a result of of it. Nevertheless --- we have a tendency to’re still living in homes, aren’t we?

The future of bitcoin would possibly be the identical as that of stocks, bonds, assets, and the web. It rises and falls like all the others, and it is currently terribly volatile -- but that’s as a result of it’s young.

Stocks have been around for 400 years. Dotcom corporations for forty years. Bitcoin is solely 10 years previous -- and cryptocurrencies, normally, are even younger. But slowly, they will become a part of our daily lives.

Rich investors are manipulating costs!
Look at this headline from the Independent: “Bitcoin price Crash: 'Manipulative Whales

A very wealthy individual capable of creating massive trades.
View full glossary
' cause Cryptocurrency Market Meltdown!”
It’s sensationalism, pure and straightforward. The article goes on to rant against these therefore-known as “whales” -- individuals who own voluminous dollars of BTC -- as evil-doers who’s solely thought is profit.

This type of sensationalism is meant to harm Bitcoin’s future; to scare people faraway from doing research and thinking for themselves.

Nonetheless, this statement is somewhat true. Up to eighty five% of Bitcoin’s supply is solely owned by onepercent of wallet addresses.

But there’s an important point to be made about these numbers. Most of the prime percentage of wallets is not owned by whales -- but by exchanges

On-line platforms on which people can buy and sell cryptocurrencies.
View full glossary
However their result is getting smaller and smaller.
A company referred to as Chainalysis -- that makes a speciality of analyzing the Bitcoin blockchain

-- found that “the actual threat that all whales pose to the cryptocurrency economy is relatively low. If they sold off their entire holdings, it'd be effectively a $3.9 billion sale at current costs. That’s not even tenpercent of this total market capitalization of Bitcoin.”
This is as a result of, as I hinted above, several of those wallets holding such vast sums are the ‘cold wallets

’ (wallets held offline) belonging to major exchanges like Coinbase, Kraken, Binance, and more. These wallets cannot be used to manipulate the price, diminishing the potential impact of enormous ‘whales’ selling their positions.
Bitcoin is simply too slow for use as a currency.
The reality regarding Bitcoin is that yes, it's slower than VISA, Mastercard, and alternative centralized electronic payment systems.

Paying together with your credit cards takes seconds and the network can handle payments around the globe twenty fouseven. But, though Bitcoin can additionally be used around the world, confirmation

of payment takes an average of 10 minutes; during the bitcoin craze recently 2017, confirmation times might take hours.
Moreover, VISA on average processes around 2,00zero transactions per second (tps). This means the amount of payments individuals make per second on the network. VISA includes a maximum of twenty four,00zero TPS. Bitcoin, by distinction, has a maximum of ten TPS. This argument has been place forward by several critics over the years and picked up by the media as the doom of bitcoin’s future.

However Bitcoin could be a technology that evolves.
Now let’s assume regarding Bitcoin’s past for a moment. The coin and its underlying technology -- the blockchain -- are only ten years previous. When the web was ten years old -- the year was 1989. Do you keep in mind the net in 1989? I sure do.

payments in exchange for not revealing sensitive info. So, in bound ways that, BTC and cryptocurrencies offer hackers a lot of options.
However money continues to be king for every criminality.
Though it’s true that hackers and phishers do typically ask for payment in BTC

There’s an aphorism: “money talks.” It means that that if you would like to get something done -- the best argument you can build is to place down a stack of money. When Bitcoin rose to fame, the primary headlines focused around Bitcoin being the prime choice for criminality.

But Lilita Infante, Special Agent for the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) has some contradictory info regarding this. She was one among a ten-person Cyber Investigative Task Force team whose primary aim was the dark web and crypto-related investigations. This cluster is no little force. They collaborate with the Department of Justice, FBI, and also the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. And she went on the record to talk regarding what share of bitcoin transactions are literally being employed for illegal things; she said that “illegal activity has shrunk to about 10 p.c.”

Only tenp.c of all the transactions on the Bitcoin network could be used for illegal things. Which number is falling.

The fall in Bitcoin’s use among criminals is due to several factors. The most prominent factor is that Bitcoin is no longer anonymous. Sciencemag wrote a full report on how governments are developing and using techniques to explore the Bitcoin blockchain and notice criminals by tracing their bitcoin payments.

Paying with bitcoin isn’t simple.
I’ve heard this argument flow into widely throughout the years. I still hear it from my grandpa each vacation dinner. He didn’t see a Bitcoin checkout option at the grocery when he bought the turkey -- therefore it’ll never be used.

Perhaps Bitcoin is on its means to being such a store of worth. For 10 years now bitcoin has been ready to be saved and retrieved and exchanged -- and it’s worth has only gone up (bumpy but up).

Need to get more cryptocurrencies? Check out our top 5 cryptocurrencies to shop for, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced investor!

Bitcoin is difficult to use.
Bitcoin, like all new technologies, isn't the most user-friendly.

You would like to line up a wallet, bear in mind a seed phrase, and several additional steps. Sending and receiving BTC

payments additionally involves steps of copy/pasting long strings of random letters and numbers. It’s powerful, I hear ya.

I additionally keep in mind all the steps I needed to require to send emails back when those were new. Insert a CD from AOL into my computer. Install AOL. Unplug my phone line. Plug in my Modem. Wait for it to make all those noises and finally connect. Then set up my AOL email and password. It was quite the method.

My grandfather never thought emails would come out and even my mother said folks would perpetually like handwriting letters (and using a physical dictionary for spell check!) and sending through the post.

Think about it the approach we tend to assume about gold. Not everyone has gold. It’s also a bit difficult to own.

If you wish to own gold for its ‘store of price’ properties, you wish to seek out a specialized look to buy investment gold. You need to store it somewhere, sort of a personal safe or a bank vault, and bear in mind the password. This is somewhat troublesome.

Perhaps Bitcoin’s problem will facilitate it retain its value, just like gold
You Might Conjointly Like: The 5 est Bitcoin Sports Betting Sites
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Ampleforth is NOT a financial tool, currency or an investment. It's a literal casino game that will cause the crypto industry to become regulated.

The united states defines gamblings as:
(1)Bet or wager.—The term “bet or wager”— (A)means the staking or risking by any person of something of value upon the outcome of a contest of others, a sporting event, or a game subject to chance, upon an agreement or understanding that the person or another person will receive something of value in the event of a certain outcome;
That's a small snippet, for the full definition and code on gambling: https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/31/5362
Exchanges listing this gambling crypto will likely regret it later when it gets crypto regulated for blurring the line between online gambling, commodities, and ponzi schemes. This is very bad for the crypto industry and we should not be listing this on exchanges or even calling it a cryptocurrency.
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can every game we play become a Dapp and could any blockchain network handle that ?

So the casinos games that we play for profit have adopted the blockchain technology pretty well . A lot of casinos both centralized and decentraziled , fiat and crypto based are available for players nowadays like EarnBET , Roobet , etc . Following this could the whole gaming industry like E-sports i.e competitive gaming or gaming as a whole become totally based on a their own blockchain or on a particular blockchain they prefer and we earn money for every game we win like imagine PUBG on a blockchain , everytime we win we get tokens of their own which can then be exchanged to something we prefer .
Long back a game called GLDR actually came up with something like this (First person shooter) , but after some development they dropped the project and scammed out for no reason .
But other than that no project has never tried this concept before
Could this happen someday ?
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Round up of Cryptocurrency News #3 Week 20/07 - 26/07

Pssst! Hey you. Scroll down for commentary!
Special Mentions:
You haven't had enough news? Here is some more:
You made it! :)
First up, SORRY! This has been a late post, I have my reasons don't question them (if you must know I'll be posting in the discord - one time only haha). Secondly, I am sure you can agree with me when I say "Wow!" What an incredible week it has been. Last week I thought it was going to take a couple more weeks for more moving price action when it had only taken a few days which has seen Bitcoin reach and pass the $10,000 region. We have also seen the total Market cap for cryptocurrencies increase from about 280B to over 300B (308B at time of writing) within just a few days. A huge injection of liquidity, about 40B, into the market and just to name a few of the best rises in the top 20 (on Coinmarketcap.com), the price of ETH BTC ADA have given good performances/positive responses (With this I will start adding screenshots at the end of each week for timestamp purposes).
This may be a combination from Binance, Mastercard, Paypal, Grayscale investments, VISA AND the DEFI sector. Let me explain... Last week we read about Binance integrating with the company Swipe (SXP) to issue there own debit card expanding the use and reach of cryptocurrency to 31 countries within Europe. Binance's Q2 scheduled token burn of $60.5 Million, this figure correlates with its exchange, margin and futures trading platforms where approximately 20% of profits get burned to increase the price of BNB token (careful as the price has been steady after the burn).
This week we find out Mastercard's expansion into the Cryptosphere as they expand and integrate with the Wirex team to issue a Mastercard-backed Bitcoin debit card, thus further extending the reach of cryptocurrency availability internationally.
"The cryptocurrency market continues to mature and Mastercard is driving it forward, creating safe and secure experiences for consumers and businesses in today’s digital economy " "...Our work with Wirex and the wider crypto ecosystem is accelerating innovation and empowering consumers with more choice in the way they pay"
Mastercard is also reaching out to other emerging cryptocurrency firms to apply to become principal members [Partners] with Mastercard as they have relaxed their digital assets program and look to expand into the Digital Assets and Blockchain environment.
Paypals expression of interest in cryptocurrency facilitiation may bear fruits as it is said Paypal has partnered up with stablecoin operator Paxos (who is already in partnership with Revolut in the US) to facilitate trading through a cryptocurrency brokerage which will enable other firms to integrate cryptocurrency trading functionalities with them. In my opinion this looks much more promising than the Libra association they pulled out from last October as regulations.
Grayscale Investments clears regulatory hurdle as they have been given the green light for its Bitcoin Cash Trust (BCHG) and Litecoin Trust (LTCN) to be quoted in over-the-counter (OTC) markets by US Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).
“The Trusts are open-ended trusts sponsored by Grayscale and are intended to enable exposure to the price movement of the Trusts’ underlying assets through a traditional investment vehicle, avoiding the challenges of buying, storing, and safekeeping digital Bitcoin Cash or Litecoin directly.”
More green lights for Cryptocurrency in the US as regulators allow banks to provide cryptocurrency custody services (which may go further than just custody services). A little bit strange as it seems unnecessary and undermines one of the key factors and uses of cryptocurrency which is to be in complete control of your own finances... On another outlook this may be bullish as it allows US banks to provide banking services directly to lawful cryptocurrency businesses and show support for Bitcoin.
Visa shows support stating they have a roadmap for their further expansion into the Crypto sphere. Already working with Crypto platform Coinbase and Fold they have stated they recognise the role of digital assets in the future of money. To be frank, it appears to be focused on stable coins, cost effectiveness and transaction speeds. However they are expanding their support for crypto assets.
AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, DeFI! Our very own growing section in crypto. Just like the 2017 ICO boom we are seeing exorbitant growth and FOMO into the Decentralised Finance sector (WBTC, Stablecoins, Yield farming, DEXs etc). The amount of active addresses on Ethereum has doubled but with the FOMO on their network have sky rocketed their fees! Large use-cases of stable coins such as USDT ($6B in circulation using ERC-20 standard), DAI, TUSD, and PAX. $114M Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) on their network acts as a fluid side chain for Bitcoin and DEX trade volume has touched $1.6B this month. With all this action happening on Ethereum I saw the 24HR volume surpass BTC briefly on Worldcoinindex.com
In other news, Bitcoin has been set as a new precedent in a US federal court in a case against Larry Dean Harmon, the operator of an underground trading platform Helix. Bitcoin has now legally been ruled as a form of money.
“After examination of the relevant statutes, case law, and other sources, the Court concludes that bitcoin is money under the MTA and that Helix, as described in the indictment, was an `unlicensed money transmitting business´ under applicable federal law.”
Quick news in China/Asia as floods threaten miners and the most dominant ASIC Bitcoin mining rig manufacturer Bitmain loses 10,000 Antminers worth millions alledgedly goes missing or "illegally transfered" with ongoing leadership dispute between cofounders.
Last but not least, Cardano (ADA) upgrade Shelley is ready to launch! Hardfork is initiated as final countdown clock is switched on. At time of writing the point of no return has been reached, stress tests done and confirmation Hardfork is coming 29/07 The Shelley Mainnet upgrade is a step toward fast, capable and decentralised crypto that can serve billions of people. With the Shelley Mainnet is ADA staking rewards and pools! Here is a chance for us Gravychainers to set up a small pool of our own. Small percentage of profits going into the development of the community, and you keep the rest!
If you read all of my ramblings thanks heaps! I appreciate it! I have added an extra piece of reading called speculation. Most you can speculate on by just reading the headline some others have more depth to them.
Another post next week for a weekly round up! Where do you think the market is going? What is in your portfolio? Let us know in the Gravychain Discord Channel
See you soon!
🍕 Bring some virtual pizza to share 🍕
Come have a chat, stimulate a discussion, ask a question or share some knowledge. We are all friendly crypto enthusiasts up for a chat, supportive and want to help each other with knowledge and investments!
Big thanks to our Telegram and My Crypto HQ for the constant news updates!
Dr Seuss collectables on the blockchain HECK YEAH! and Bitcoin enters NASCAR, remember when Doge did this? it was like when Doge was trending on TikTok.
... Oh yeah did I also mention Steve Wozniak is suing Youtube, Google over rampant Bitcoin scams. Wait, what? Sydney based law firm JPB Liberty is suing Google, Facebook and Twitter for up to $300B. Just another day in the Cryptosphere.
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Atari Token info-

Atari Token info-
Atari has been working on this behind the scenes for years in preparation.
Atari is now in the initial stages of release of the Atari Token project to tie in with the release of their upcoming new Atari VCS game console.
This will allow integration into games for ownership and transfer of digital assets with the ability to create or earn property in virtual worlds, cross platforms, through blockchain as well as E-sports, gambling, shopping, music and more.

Youtube video
CEO of Atari Talks Plans To Integrate Blockchain Into Atari's Games & The Launch of Atari Token


As Fred spoke about, people in many countries will be able to start 'working' online in virtual worlds and games to then take that created wealth back out to the real world to pay bills, rent, food. For many poor countries this will literally be a game changer.

Atari Token <-- main page to sign up (free)

Atari Token Telegram project chat room

Atari takes over Sports Betting <-- Coming soon!!!

Atari Partners with WAX For NFTs, Joins Board Alongside Shatner and Marvel <--Article

Atari® Teams Up with Unikrn to Deliver Enhanced Shopping, Betting, and Gaming Functionality to Atari Token

Atari VCS <-- Will use the Atari Token, new Atari open video game console / pc hybrid
Runs linux, can run windows, AMD Ryzen R1606G chip, can upgrade the RAM & SSD, wi-fi, bluetooth, can use a keyboard, mouse and more.

On June 3rd, 2020, Atari Inc., and LightForms.cc Group LLc., signed into a strategic partnership agreement with each other.This opens up the entire Atari eco-system to LightForms and LightForge technology for use in Atari mobile applications and the new Atari VCS console. Reference- https://lightforms.cc/

Atari partners with Litecoin Foundation <-- Article.
Allows the Atari Token to be purchased with LTC. Prior to this, it had to use BTC or ETH. Soon will use ERP, fiat currency from several countries and more. LTC users can purchase an Atari VCS for a discount.

Atari partners with Innovative PC Video Game Marketplace Robot Cache to Support the Buying and Reselling of Digital Games Using Atari Token

The Sandbox Game <-- Will feature Atari properties and games using the Atari Token. One of the key features of our gaming platform is the possibility to create an ASSET from scratch (using VoxEdit), upload it to the marketplace and then monetize it into the blockchain.

Great article explaining -> What is The Sandbox Game?
Expansion of the Animoca partnership and Atari Token / Blockchain / VCS use cases- globally!

Atari Teams Up with Native Gaming to Integrate Upcoming Atari Token in Native’s New MMORPG <- Article

Atari partners w/ Arkane Network to integrate the Atari Token across the digital entertainment ecosystem <-- Article
Allows developers to easily integrate the token into games and projects.

Atari and Wonder join forces on cross-platform gaming <-Article
WonderOS technology was designed to unify mobile, console, and PC gaming experiences, offering an ecosystem that gives access to multi-platform games, entertainment apps, and streaming services — locally or through the cloud.


The Atari Token can be staked- 3 month for 3%, 6 month for 6.5% or converted to the Atari Coin which is a Stable Coin.

And don't forget to keep an eye on the Atari Hotels project

Atari's U.S. OTC stock ticker is- PONGF

The Atari Exchange

Atari Casino <-- coming soon

And again the Atari Token sign up page (free)

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The ASLA project Connecting traders and gamers in one platform

The ASLA project Connecting traders and gamers in one platform
ASLA is An blockchain a people ledger of info collected. It is how this information has been recorded that gives blockchain its revolutionary perspective. I will familiarise a brand new blockchain with you that will be TRON today. This blockchain name is ASLA. There are many concentrated and decentralized block-chain on the planet. A blockchain or blockchain has no CEO no controlling entity or staff. As an alternative, control is distributed across a vast network of customers.

Asla is a trading platform predicated smart and block-chain contracts. It's assisting make the crypto globe simpler. ASLA is one of the endeavors predicated on block-chain. Is that ASLA has team associates. Diligent and really working in the direction of the accomplishment of the project. This isn't just a wonderful idea-based project, but a job that concerns the potential for humanity and unites new technologies.
the ASLA Products :
  • ASLA for Gaming - During the last few decades, gambling has gotten popular on earth. As it is helpful to increase disposition mostly into adolescents and childhood love E-Sports. Some people have an idea about making money and playing games. ASLA helps to make money and provides the chance of participating in games. ASLAproject grants an opportunity.ASLAgames is just one of those treasured games generated around the grounds of both block-chain and contracts that are smart.
  • ASLA for Trading - The buying and selling system of ASLA is obvious and easy. ASLAtrade includes features for experts plus it's instinctive and easy. Each of the data is exhibited from the web page of the ASLA. Some of the many benefits of options that are binary is the ease of use. Click here to the"increased" or"decrease" button and then await this outcome. The pitfalls are also understood beforehand. The bet's results are based upon the correctness of this forecast of cost modifications for the advantage.
  • ASLA Decentralized Exchange - ASLAdex could be. The procedure is literally backed off by it by way of its easy user interface that is to-utilize Once it supplies stability. Additionally, ASLAdex is likewise alright for Re-Source stock-piling.
  • ASLA for Messangger - Blockchain has contributed to the globe's protected and productive methods of conducting business. Many messengers retailer info from a database that is searchable. This database has been monitored and viewed. Where-as ASLAmessenger averts these threats as it can not need centralized servers.
ASLA is one of the best-decentralized projects. ASLA project has ASLA Token which is becoming more valuable day by day. The token is already an Exchange for the trading Polondiex exchange. This token is made in Tron blockchain. TRON, WIST company, and POLONIDEX is the partner of ASLA.Investors can invest in this project for a huge future profit.
#ASLA #ASLAgame #ASLAtrade #poloniex #cryptocurrency #tokens #binance #yobit #trading #gaming
for other information about this project please visit official links below
Website: https://aslaproject.com
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbQNErXj9gFgVCqjb5qiENA
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ASLAproject-103824224487730/
Medium: https://medium.com/@aslaproject01
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ASLAproject
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/useASLA_Project
Telegram: https://t.me/ASLAproject
Author: < zafrans > https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1966569
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1XBIT REVIEW: Crypto Sports Betting - How to Use 1XBit ... Fairlay.com Tutorial - How to get started with your first bet BitEdge - YouTube 1xBit Crypto Sportsbook, Casino, Poker Room, Dice Site And Binary Options Broker Review BitEdge Crypto Sports Betting Guide Tour

Predict sports matches like Football, Tennis, American Soccer, Rugby, Golf, Volleyball, NBA, NFL, HFL, MMA, eSports, Horse Racing, Motorsport, Table Tennis, Mixed Martial Arts, Winter sports, and events like elections using Bitcoins. We offer game spread, outright, over/under, full-time and half-time betting options. Place your bets on Fairlay’s sportsbook betting exchange and enjoy the Contents1 Physical Presence Necessary2 Funding from Investors3 Certification Process ZenSports, the peer-to-peer, decentralised betting exchange company, has applied to the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) for a license to become the first formally licensed cryptocurrency betting platform in the famous … Introducing Crypto Sports. Crypto Sports builds a bridge between esports and the crypto world, offering gamers and developers innovative ways to connect and provide opportunities for every gamer, whether casual or professional, to make money by doing what they love, thanks to the Crypto Sports Network and the crypto currency, CSPN. Crypto Sports Betting 2020. The explosion of cryptocurrency sports betting and has wholly modernized and transformed online betting to the point where it is fast becoming the preferred bitcoin sports betting currency. It seems that more and more people are seeking out the use of cryptocurrency to have a better and more varied gaming experience. So you’re starting to get a handle on the whole crypto sports betting exchange thing. You know what a crypto sports betting exchange is, and you know why you should use one. … but you’re not quite sure how to use a sports betting exchange.. Let’s pretend that learning how to be a profitable sports bettor is like learning how to ride a motorcycle.

[index] [216] [258] [50] [298] [107] [25] [296] [30] [122] [149]

1XBIT REVIEW: Crypto Sports Betting - How to Use 1XBit ...

BitEdge Crypto Sports Betting Guide Tour - Duration: 7 minutes, 42 seconds. 176 views; 11 months ago; 9:15. Crypto Horse Racing Betting Guide - Duration: 9 minutes, 15 seconds. 84 views; Now we have sports betting with cryptocurrency, thanks to Betmatch! At Betmatch, You can choose from a wide variety of sports and bet types. Just place a bet on the desired event and keep your ... Fairlay is a Bitcoin Prediction Market and Exchange Make predictions on any event from sports to elections. Bet on our sportsbook betting exchange. Trade futures contracts and exchange crypto ... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue 1XBIT REVIEW: Crypto Sports Betting - How to Use 1XBit? - Duration: 4:48. ICO REVIEW 6,990 views. 4:48. Don't Talk to the Police - Duration: 46:39.